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New Year’s Resolutions…for your pest control

The new year is here and lot’s of us set New Year’s resolutions. Have you ever thought about setting some small resolutions that will greatly help keep things in check around your home? Most don’t think of pest control during the cold winter months but just because we cannot see or hear any critters, does […]

Is your home a target?

Many of our clients often wonder why their home is the target for unwanted pests. In some scenarios, the homeowner has done nothing wrong. Pests seek shelter in places that are more hospitable than their current environment. Seasonal changes make the interior of a home more inviting than weathering the elements outdoors. For example, in […]

Termites Thank You Very Mulch!

Many homeowners are unaware that termites feed on wood and woody type material. These pests do an annual estimated damage of $30 Billion dollars. Placing mulch around the home can create favorable conditions for termites to feed and reproduce. While other woody materials are more favorable for termites they will still feed on mulch products. […]

Proactive Prevention is Best!

In today’s fast pace environment families have dozens of activities, time demands, and pressures they must stay on top of every month. Typically, pest control becomes a priority AFTER the problem has arisen to an uncomfortable living situation. Not only do pests cause a health risk to small children and elderly they can also cause […]

Summer Time Pest Defense

As the temperatures rise more families head outside to enjoy outdoor activities. These activities can be cut short by a variety of common pest to the St. Louis area.  The mosquito population in the St. Louis area is expected to increase with the above average precipitation and flooding that was experienced earlier this spring. Standing […]

Fall Pest Prevention

As temperatures cool and the days begin to shorten bugs in the St. Louis area start to seek out places for the winter. Critters such as spiders and mice appear in areas that were once undesirable. Like all living creatures, these pests are searching for food, water, and a safe place from harm. An exterior […]