Is your home a target?

Many of our clients often wonder why their home is the target for unwanted pests. In some scenarios, the homeowner has done nothing wrong. Pests seek shelter in places that are more hospitable than their current environment. Seasonal changes make the interior of a home more inviting than weathering the elements outdoors. For example, in the spring, many pests seek shelter from high amounts of precipitation and looking for areas to reproduce and built nests.  The interior of your home is dry and climate controlled making this attractive to a variety of pests. As the weather cools in the fall many pests such as spiders seek out warmer climates to extend their active season. Eliminating areas of entry to the home and implementing a pest prevention barrier on the exterior of the home prevents this scenario.

The most common reason pests enter a home is when food is present. Insects are like every other living organism that needs food and water to survive. Homes that have food available are targets for several types of pests such as ants and roaches. Eliminate the food source is a great first step in pest management.