Termites Thank You Very Mulch!

Many homeowners are unaware that termites feed on wood and woody type material. These pests do an annual estimated damage of $30 Billion dollars. Placing mulch around the home can create favorable conditions for termites to feed and reproduce. While other woody materials are more favorable for termites they will still feed on mulch products. Termites are a threat to homes as they are often unseen and can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage to the property prior to discovery. Preventative pest control in conjunction with some common tips listed below is the best route in protecting your property.

  • Keep mulch pulled back from the foundation of the home
  • Do not let mulch contact window sills or other wood material on the home
  • Inspect the exterior of your home with each changing season for insect activity
  • Use rock or synthetic mulch if financially feasible

If you have suspicions of termite or any other pest activity please contact Cadet Pest Control at 314.678.7787