Proactive Prevention is Best!

In today’s fast pace environment families have dozens of activities, time demands, and pressures they must stay on top of every month. Typically, pest control becomes a priority AFTER the problem has arisen to an uncomfortable living situation. Not only do pests cause a health risk to small children and elderly they can also cause thousands of dollars in damage. Most homeowners fall into a false sense of accomplishment after they have treated their home in a singular application. Today’s pest control chemicals are designed to break down and lose their effectiveness after a short period of time (sometimes as early as 60 days). The reason for this is that the EPA does not want chemical lingering in the environment longer than necessary. Treating initial infestations is often five to ten times more expensive that routine prevention measures. Proactive home and business owners are urged to integrate a Pest Management program that will ultimately save thousands of dollars and hours of living in discomfort.