Fall Pest Prevention

As temperatures cool and the days begin to shorten bugs in the St. Louis area start to seek out places for the winter. Critters such as spiders and mice appear in areas that were once undesirable. Like all living creatures, these pests are searching for food, water, and a safe place from harm. An exterior inspection of your home may uncover potentially vulnerable areas that pest may enter your home. Sealing these entrances is a great first step. Even if the exterior of the home is 100% sealed (which is very difficult to attain) pests are often carried into the home while transporting foreign objects. Firewood, furniture, clothing, and groceries all have been known to have small pests that can cause an infestation. To prevent an infestation during this period of the year we advise clients to have Cadet Pest Control put down an eco-friendly chemical barrier on the interior of the home and service the inside of the property to ensure spiders find a home elsewhere!